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Belleisle Park, Ayr - Saturday 5th October 2013 - 12noon-3pm

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The Conservation Volunteers and the Friends of Belleisle came together on Saturday 5th October for a day of green action in Ayr's popular Belleisle Park, as part of the UK-wide Big Green Weekend.

The major task for the day was to clear overgrown Rhododendron bushes to open up views of the landmark Belleisle Conservatory which a group of dedicated local people are endeavouring to restore to its former glory.

The enthusiastic Big Green Weekenders also planted hundreds of native wildflowers, including Ox-eye daisies, Ragged-robin, Dog violet and Self-heal. These will add a splash of colour to the park and enhance its wildlife value, particularly for butterflies, bees and other insects.

So, Belleisle Park's many visitors and wildlife alike will benefit thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Big Green Weekend volunteers, who were was also supported by South Ayrshire Council and CSV Action Earth.