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The Big Tree Plant 2014/15

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Big Tree Plant logoThrough the Big Tree Plant, run by Defra and The Forestry Commission, The Conservation Volunteers are joining with Community Groups to establish community-led tree planting projects in areas that would benefit most - for example those with little greenery or  tree cover. Between Oct 2012 and March 2015, we are aiming to plant 150,000 trees across England. If your group has an idea for planting trees on an area of land used by your local community we should be able to help.

The trees must be planted in streets or in green places that are open to all to visit, or where local people will benefit from them. Whoever owns the land must give permission and support to the project, and there must be a plan to care for the trees after they are planted. The scheme does not fund the planting of hedgerows, but can include the planting of individual trees in hedges that will grow on to maturity.

We are very grateful to The Conservation Volunteers and the Big Tree Plant for supplying these trees and they will certainly enhance our local environment... and be appreciated by residents for many years to come.

Please note that the 2014/15 planting season will run from October 2014 until end of February 2015.

The 2013/14 Season

People planting treesThe past planting season has been a very successful one this year. Weather has been better, compared with last year and over 74,000 trees have been planted around England.

A big thank you to all Community Groups, volunteers and staff involved in the Big Tree Plant this year. Your work has been pivotal to improve local areas around the country for the benefit of people and wildlife. We are getting ready for the next and last planting season and we hope that it will be another successful one.

The 2012/13 Season

Children planting treesThe Big Tree Plant went ahead last year despite the worst that the weather could throw at us. Many thanks to Community Groups across England, many of whom had to postpone and reorganise their tree planting events due to floods and heavy snow. Some people were understandably put off, but the more hardy volunteers came out in driving rain, snow and very occasionally sunshine to join in with the Big Tree Plant. All kinds of people and groups joined in, working together to improve their local area for the community and for wildlife.

It was bitterly cold but at least it didn't snow and we had eight stalwart and extremely warmly dressed volunteers who really enjoyed planting our trees...

How you can get involved as a Community Group

Hi TCV, It all worked! The trees arrived on Tuesday and I was very pleased to see the tubex guards and stakes rather than the bamboo canes and spirals I expected. We managed to dodge the showers and get all 250 planted this morning.

We will provide you with free trees and the support and advice you will need to ensure your planting helps deliver the aims of The Big Tree Plant both on the planting day and into the future.

You can access this support, along with tree planting guidance, generic risk assessments, landowner approval letters and aftercare plans via this website by following the link from Further Information at the end of this page. Please register your interest, and we will send you a link to a webform to indicate which trees you want. We'll let you know when your plans are agreed, and you will then be able to order your trees.

If you are one of the lucky first 50 groups to register your event for 2014/15, we will give you a years free membership to the Community Network (worth £38).  This will only be applied once you have returned a brief report on your Big Tree Plant event.

Many thanks to TCV for all the materials, the inspiration and the hard work in organising this scheme!

Click here to register an initial interest in getting involved

Networking/Training Events

The Conservation Volunteers will be holding events where we will be providing training and advice on tree planting and aftercare.

If your Community Group would like to attend one of these, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the event nearest to you.

Further Information and Order Forms

Adults planting treesHave you already been included into the scheme or would you like to find out more? Get further support and information, including how to order your trees, links to report back on the tree-plant and for advice on the best way to plant and look after your trees.

The Conservation Volunteers are sometimes looking for opportunities to plant trees with our volunteers: if you are a landowner and would like the opportunity to get involved with the Big Tree Plant please contact us here.

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