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Community Support

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One of our key aims is to build healthy and sustainable communities. By supporting groups that take practical action in their local communities we enable people to improve their place for themselves.

We work with local community groups to create sustained environmental change in a safe, enjoyable and effective way.

The help available from each Conservation Volunteers office will vary, depending on the funding and resources available in the locality, and what each community group needs.

We provide additional and cost-saving services through our Community Network.

How we can help your community group

  • Information and advice is freely available on this website - find a training course to enable your group to carry out woodland and pond management safely or write a press release
  • For local advice call your nearest Conservation Volunteers office and have a chat with a project officer
  • Need extra help with a project? Give your local Conservation Volunteers office call and we can usually provide a team from our regular volunteers
  • A range of specially negotiated discounts from TCV's suppliers of tools, trees, seeds, equipment and clothing.
  • We can give your group a Health Check to make sure your working practices meet safety standards, and provide advice on training too. Contact your local Conservation Volunteers office to make an appointment
  • Need insurance, access to grants and discounts on tools, training and trees? Join the Community Network to take advantage of cost-saving services.