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Set Up a New Group

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There's always going to be a need for local people and groups to look after the places where they live. The last 10 years have seen the number of people involved in local action on the environment treble across the UK.

That's wonderful, but there's always more to do.

Research shows that many of the people who would like to be involved may be uncertain about how they can help, and where they should start.

Start here now!

The words above in italics are from Environments for All, The Conservation Volunteers Guide for Community Action, which gave a step by step approach to setting up a community group.

How we help to keep a group going

We have experienced staff who can help you to consult, facilitate and encourage the group to move forward in a positive way for the individuals involved.

This will help to establish a self-sustaining group to bring about permanent environmental change in a safe, enjoyable and effective way.

Our range of formal and informal training events and coaching/mentoring style of support builds capacity in the group members to enable them to fulfil their ambitions.

We can also provide support in environmental design and ecological expertise to ensure that any practical project adds to the biodiversity of the area. The level and type of support will vary according to the funding and resources available in the locality.

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