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Green Hubs Plea for People To Pick Up After Their Dog

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Oliver marking dog fouling

The Green Hub at Tuckingmill Valley Park has been working with the Friends of Tuckingmill Valley Park group who highlighted the increase in dog fouling in the Park, at one of their regular meetings where residents come together with Council and local Police representatives to talk about the Park.

In response to this, TCV Cornwall ran an awareness morning with the help of regular Park volunteer Ken Johnson and Cornwall Council Public Spaces Officer Stuart Wallace. Red flags were used stuck in next to piles of dog mess to highlight the hazard to remind people to pick up after their dog. The Green Hub talked about the dog fouling campaign with Park users and displayed posters highlighting fixed penalty notices of £80 for each offence where dog owners don't pick up after their dog. In a short walk around the Park of approx. 400m, we flagged 65 separate piles of dog faeces immediately adjacent to the Park. Of greatest concern was the fact that a large amount of dog fouling occurs on the main route used by young skaters accessing the skate park within Tuckingmill Valley Park.

The Friends of group have been running further awareness raising days and the number of incidents of fouling has halved since our initial awareness raising day in November.

For more information about the campaign and how to get involved contact Claire North on 01209 610 100 or email c.north@tcv.org.uk