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EVM2 - Fundraising with Volunteers

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The resources found in this module can be used in any kind of training that you would like to adapt them for - a formal training course, informal gathering, workshop, meeting, open day, on site demonstration, online training or any other opportunity for people to learn about recruiting and retaining volunteers. There is no copyright.

EVM2 Module Content

By implementing this module you will provide people with a general understanding of what Fundraising is, its importance and its practise. The material available in this section will help you exploring the following:

  • Different type of funders
  • Different type of funds
  • The process and tips to build an effective  fundraising strategy
  • Different ways of asking for funds
  • Applying for funds – best practise for making applications and the importance of a good communication.
  • Practical exercise: example of applications.

This module will help your audience to get basic skills to: identify the type of funds more suitable for their activities/ projects, build a more effective fundraising programme, increase the chances of successful applications and have a better communication.

The material available here will help you setting up your training course, but the way you use the resources will, obviously, depend on your audience, their situation and what, specifically, they want to achieve. The resources have been created by people working in medium to large organisations and reflect the context and culture of those organisations.   Click here to see some key references that the people who developed the resources found particularly helpful for developing their knowledge of the subject

Subject Resources


Writing Better Fundraising Applications - Directory Of Social Change

The Complete Fundraising Handbook - Directory Of Social Change

Step By Step, A Guide To Volunteer Fundraising - National Centre For Volunteering

NCVO Funding Resources

Association of Charitable Foundations - Seeking Funding