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EVM6 - Managing volunteers in difficult situations

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The resources found in this module can be used in any kind of training that you would like to adapt them for - a formal training course, informal gathering, workshop, meeting, open day, on site demonstration, online training or any other opportunity for people to learn about recruiting and retaining volunteers. There is no copyright.

EVM6 Module Content

By implementing this module you will provide people with tools to handle difficult situations with volunteers. The material available in this section will help you exploring the following:

  • Ways of dealing with a difficult person
  • Different types of conflict management
  • Problems with volunteers; assessing the problem and dealing with it

This module will help your audience to: know how to manage difficult situations with volunteers; know how to manage conflict effectively and if necessary asking a volunteer to leave; identify and understand the official processes for managing difficult situations.

The material available here will help you setting up your training course, but the way you use the resources will, obviously, depend on your audience, their situation and what, specifically, they want to achieve. The resources have been created by people working in medium to large organisations and reflect the context and culture of those organisations. Click here to see some key references that the people who developed the resources found particularly helpful for developing their knowledge of the subject.

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