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Ready. Steady. Grow.

Registration for winter 2017/2018 is now closed as all our trees have been allocated! Keep checking this page in 2018 for news on the next planting season.

Year three, and another year of tree planting with TCV and OVO Energy for the treemendous programme, I Dig Trees.

Last year, I Dig Trees enabled OVO and TCV to inspire and educate thousands of people about the benefits that planting trees would bring to their communities and communal green spaces... and planted a staggering 250,000 trees!

We are delighted to be running I Dig Trees for the third year during 2017/2018 planting season with OVO Energy on behalf of Greener Energy customers to deliver substantial benefits for communities across the UK. Read the report demonstrating our success from last year.

This fantastic partnership programme is a great opportunity for any community group or volunteer that would like to join in and feel good by either planting trees or nominating a local community group.


Since 2015 we've been planting trees with OVO Energy and this year we're are aiming to reach 500,000.

Throughout the bare-root planting season of 2017/18, we are aiming to plant even more trees – another 150,000+ trees in over 800 green spaces across the UK which will be achieved with approximately 37,000 hours of community volunteering for everyone to grow.


If you 'dig' trees, there are two ways in which to get involved:

  1. My Community Digs Trees - We have over 2,700 FREE community tree packs for distribution to community groups. Simply register your community group to receive our free tree planting packs.
  2. TCV 'I Dig Trees' Days – Or you can volunteer to take part in tree planting at a location near you.

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All the tree varieties are native UK species and available in packs of 50, ready for delivery from November, through the tremendous support of OVO Energy these tree packs are available completely FREE of charge

1. How to nominate a community group

Are you part of a community group that would benefit from receiving FREE trees? Then we would love you to nominate them. We have 2,700 packs of 50 trees - a total of 135,000 FREE trees!

To nominate your group you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Their group name
  • Person responsible
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Where the trees will be planted
  • How will you make use of these trees?
  • Which packs and how many are required (maximum of 19 packs - 950 trees - per group).

We will:

  • Confirm the nomination with the group
  • Inform them of a delivery date
  • Support sustainable planting by sending our tree planting guide to encourage best practice and tree aftercare recommendations

Register here

2. Ready. Steady. Grow. Join us we've got 15,000 trees to plant!

Two people planting treesJoining a local tree planting group not only helps your local community but also supports the environment, improves your health and wellbeing and is a great way meet new people.

TCV Volunteering projects provide:

  • The guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable leader
  • All tools and safety equipment
  • Lots of refreshments
  • Insurance whilst on site
  • Share all our knowledge on trees and the local environment
  • Encourage new friendships
  • Encourage you to continue to volunteer with us

You need:

  • To complete a volunteer registration form when you arrive
  • Comfortable clothing including waterproofs (it will be autumn/winter after all)
  • The Join in, feel good attitude!

Plant some trees with TCV and OVO Energy

I Dig Trees - tree information

Our tree packs are predetermined with varieties that best suit a particular growing environment and all are recommended UK varieties. All packs to come with 50 x spiral guards (60cm x 50mm dia.) and supporting cane (90cm 12/14lbs) and packaged in forestry co-extruded bags.

Pack 1. Parkland 10 x English Oak, 10 x Common Alder, 10 x Beech (common), 10 x Silver Birch and 10 x Hornbeam
Pack 2. Large Garden 10 x Downy Birch, 10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan, 10 x Aspen, 10 x Wild Cherry, and 10 x Field Maple
Pack 3. Small Garden 10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan, 10 x Bird Cherry, 10 x Hazel, 10 x Common Crab Apple and 10 x Grey Willow
Pack 4. Wildlife & Shrubs 10 x Blackthorn, 10 x Guelder Rose, 10 x Hawthorn, 10 x Common Dogwood and 10 x Goat Willow
(This pack contains some hedgerow varieties, but is not a pure hedgrow pack)

Whilst some species do vary a little from last season, all will be suitable for their pack location. These changes have had to be made simply because of availability.

(Please note, each order is limited to a maximum of 19 packs - 950 trees - in total)

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Registration for winter 2017/2018 is now closed as all our trees have been allocated! Keep checking this page in 2018 for news on the next planting season.

Where the trees have been planted

400,000 trees were planted during the two winters 2015/16 and 2016/17. The map below shows where the trees have been planted

Message from our partner - OVO Energy

We are delighted to be partnering again with OVO Energy in this third year of exciting tree planting. OVO funds I Dig Trees on behalf of their Greener Energy Plan customers as an additional environmental and social benefit of their commitment to a cleaner, greener future. That's power you can be proud of.

Ready. Steady. Grow.

[Photo at the top of this page by Maria Fowler]