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Welcome to TCV Employment and Training Services in South Tyneside, Wear Valley and County Durham

The Work Progamme

In South Tyneside in partnership with People Plus

People Plus logoTCV Employment and Training Services is working with People Plus to deliver the Work Programme, a government funded welfare to work programme which is match funded by the European Social Fund. 

The Work Programme represents a step-change for Welfare to Work in this country, creating a structure that treats people as individuals and allows providers greater freedom to tailor the right support to the individual needs of each customer.

It has replaced previous programmes for unemployed people.

The Work Programme will also ensure good value for money for the taxpayer. It is very much a partnership between Government and providers from across the public, private and third sectors - including social enterprises.

Good News

Wayne's story

WayneWayne came to us to complete his Work Programme experience and his advisor recommended that he should attend the Employability course run by TCV partnership with Central College Nottingham. He was suffering with depression and social phobia and was at a very low point in his life. His relationship was breaking down because of this and he was finding it very difficult to motivate himself. He would find any excuse not to leave the house and found it very difficult to face people, particularly strangers. Coming into the centre for appointments was difficult for him and he needed someone to accompany him. He had been unemployed for a few years and lacked any routine in his life.

Wayne found attending the course, his interaction with other learners and our staff gave him the motivation to improve himself. From then his confidence grew and towards the end of the course he was leading some of the sessions and presenting to a group of people. Something he would never have been able to do before

"I'm doing lots of things now I never thought I would. I feel that I can do things – whereas before I didn't dare. I'm a lot more motivated, I used to make excuses but now I get on with them. My main thing was getting into a routine and to be able to go out comfortably is great. I can now do this and can pick up my kids from school and this means the world to me" said Wayne

If I hadn't come on the course I would have separated from my partner. I have a better relationship with my family as I can do more with them and take them out. It has totally changed me. It's been a big change for me


What employers in the North East say about TCV Employment and Training Services

"We are happy to continue our relationship with TCV Employment and Training Services because of the high standard of services we receive." Wilkinsons

"I am extremely happy with the service and relationship provided by TCV Employment and Training Services, with both the programme and candidates." Primark

"Alison was well prepared for work by TCV Employment and Training Services and we can see her progressing well within Barclays." Barclays