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The Work Programme in partnership with learndirect

In Swindon and Cheltenham

learndirect logoThe Work Programme represents a step change for Welfare to Work in this country, creating a structure that treats people as individuals and allows providers greater freedom to tailor the right support to the individual needs of each customer.

It has replaced previous programmes for unemployed people.

The Work Programme will also ensure good value for money for the taxpayer. It is very much a partnership between Government and providers from across the public, private and third sectors - including social enterprises.

Good News

JaineJaine retrains

Jaine was referred to TCV's Opportunity Bristol scheme in April 2013. 

Jaine's previous experience saw her as an Outreach Course coordinator for a large health charity, but after leaving work to start a family; she found that the job market had changed considerably and was struggling to get back into workplace. 

Jaine worked with us to find out what her job goals were; we worked on her CV to better reflect her skills and abilities, as well as working on her confidence- allowing her to realise her potential. She was sign posted to OUTSET for business start up support and info on single parent organisations that could support her. 

Here is what Jaine has to say about TCV:

As a single parent, out of work for 6 years, I was struggling to complete an up to date and relevant CV, and to bridge the work gap and find employment. 

A friend highly recommended Opportunity Bristol. I requested an appointment at the Job Centre and met Deshni on 23rd April. 

She instantly put me at ease. Her warm, encouraging & practical approach was very reassuring and enabled me to see what I need to work on to optimise my chance of employment.

Deshni gave me plenty of relevant guidance and information, such as "The Single parent network" , CV examples and interview prep- but for me what was most beneficial was the emotion and practical support Deshni gave me to complete my CV. I now have a CV I am proud of and which reflects me accurately.  I thank Deshni for her great support!

Jaine Rubin

Jaine has now retrained as a foot care Practioner & has launched her own business named "Nurture your sole" which provides a routine foot care service & has secured work with Age UK Bristol and Lingage Bristol, which is tremendous work for a very new start up!

Working with Jaine was a pleasure; I am so very proud of Jaine and what she has achieved and I wish her all the best with her current venture. Good Luck!

Stephen back on path to his dream

StephenPrior to joining the Work Programme Stephen had been unemployed for 2 years and after losing his job he lost his motivation and really struggled to find a way back to work. 

Although Stephen's aim is to work with computers he understands the importance of being in work whilst he searches for his dream job. Stephen was the first to say that his CV, interview skills and motivations were low and this is why he needed help from TCV Employment and Training Services. He struggled to attract interest when he applied for work and felt as though he just needed the chance to be put in front of an employer so an interview with an employer was arranged by TCV. 

Stephen is now working full-time at Dominos Pizza in Cheltenham, he is enjoying earning a wage again and he is much more confident and has a more positive outlook on life. 

Stephen's ultimate goal remains to establish himself in the IT sector and hopes to achieve his dream of owning his own computer repair business. 

TCV is definitely the right place to look if you need help finding a job. I'd like to say thank you to Dominos and to TCV


Chris gets full-time work!

ChrisChris was referred to TCV's Opportunity Bristol scheme at the start of 2013. After being out of work for some months he was unsure where his skill set and experience could take him, especially after completing an MCS in Deaf studies, which was such niche sector.

His previous experience saw him utilising his sign language skills and managing interpreters across the country for The Deaf Studies Trust. Chris wanted to move away from this niche sector and make a career change, as well as gaining management experience- so it was our job to manage his expectations and provide him with the tools and resources so that he was able to reach his goal. 

Chris attended training courses provided by us, we worked on his CV to draw out key competencies and better reflect his skills and experience; assisted him with job application feedback so he able to get to that all important interview stage and once he did that, we could provide him with interview practice to ensure Chris was prepared and felt confident in an interview situation.   

We are very happy to say that Chris has been successful in his recent interview and has gained a full time, permanent job with a large Networks/Telepresence company role utilising his French language and IT skills; hopefully here Chris can progress with career development and get to the management level that he is striving for.

TCV in Bristol has been a great support to me with workshops; interview techniques and practices; CV and Cover letter writing advice and has always brought me the latest updates that I needed to be aware of as the months went by. I wanted a change in career which added complications as my experience would not match the needs of employers and TCV was a great help in doing this. I have now been offered a permanent full time position in Somerset all thanks to TCV's help and support. Their one to one support and personal approach to helping out each individual to meet their needs is why I am very grateful to them. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a change in their career or simply want to maximise their potential in their line of work.


Work programme helped Jake get a job

Jake Kelty was one of more than 1,200 people in Swindon out of work until he got help from The Conservation Volunteers. Jake was unemployed for 14 months before joining the Work Programme with TCV Employment and Training Services.

New jobs in Swindon Cafe

A new licensed cafe, selling beer, cakes and other snacks, made a welcome arrival in Swindon recently. Four previously-unemployed people on placements with TCV Employment and Training Services have secured jobs working in a number of kitchen and front of house roles.

Janice dives in

Janice came to TCV Employment and Training Services to access information and advice via our National Careers Service contract. She tells us:

"I was a little nervous and afraid when approaching TCV. I wasn't sure if they would be able to help someone in my situation. I am deemed a 'professional person'. I have qualifications and achieved accreditation. However, I had lost my way a little and was very much stuck in the rut.

"The TCV Advisor and her colleagues were friendly, professional and approachable. They listened to me as I explained what I had done and my nerves on what to do in the future. They arranged a CV workshop for me. It was part of our discussion that the advisor raised some questions I hadn't thought to ask myself. My passion for diving and for our heritage seem obvious to her as a direction to head towards. To me, it was a dream that someone else achieved. 

TCV provided guidance on the course, options available and more importantly to me as a mature student, possible funding options. Their support and enthusiasm encouraged me and I applied to University of Southampton to undertake a full time Masters in Maritime Archaeology. This course is deemed one of the best in the world, highly regarded by professionals."

I am  to start in September, the start of a new life and new career, one that builds on my knowledge and expertise in the heritage world, but with my passion for diving and the foreshore


Dionne at work in AldiDionne's Success at Aldi Work Trial

Dionne would like to share the story of her return to work to help inspire others who are unemployed. Dionne had been unemployed for two and a half years prior to starting employment at Aldi as a Store Operative.

When she joined us she identified that she needed help and support with rebuilding her confidence, job seeking activities and her CV. 

Dionne feels that since joining the Work Programme, TCV have helped her to improve her CV, supported her with job searching, sourced relevant vacancies for her and most recently sourced a work trial and job at Aldi for her.

Dionne tells us "I can look forward to the future now, I have a job and a chance to build a career thanks to TCV."

Giving unemployed a pizza the action

DOMINOS in Cheltenham has been dishing up jobs for unemployed people. The work was organised through TCV Employment and Training Services in Cheltenham. Two have remained with them as permanent staff and the other three have gone on to work elsewhere or do further training.