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TCV Employment and Training Services is proud of the work we do to transform people's prospects. We work together with people and communities to transform their health, prospects and outdoor places for the long term. We want a better quality of life for everyone, and improving people's prospects is important to improving their physical and mental health.

We help to improve people's skills and employability through our work with schools and colleges. But we also work outside the classroom – with people who need specialised help because of things like school exclusion, learning difficulties or unemployment. We have long standing experience in this area, and many of the people we work with tell us what a difference we have made to their lives.

Seven things you didn't know about TCV Employment and Training Services' Welfare to Work schemes

  1. We're experts. TCV have been delivering Welfare to Work programmes and training schemes since the 80s… no wonder we are so successful at transforming people's long term prospects, with so much experience at hand!
  2. The work we do can make you happier! People on programmes that involve acquiring skills, qualifications or work experience have much higher levels of well-being than those who are simply receiving more employment support…1
  3. …But it has to be done the TCV way. Research shows that welfare-to-work programmes can improve well-being for those out of work, but the evidence suggests that in order to achieve well-being gains, such schemes must be appropriately targeted, personalised and worthwhile.2 TCV always ensures that the programmes and activities fit each individual – we understand one size does not fit all.
  4. What we don't do. We do not force people who are on health and disability benefits to undertake work placements with us. That would never be good for the individual or for us. And we do not use Employment Related Programmes to substitute for paid positions - either with The Conservation Volunteers or with other employers.
  5. It's a double win. TCV Employment and Training Services not only help people get back in to work and update their skills – but its proceeds go to The Conservation Volunteers as a Green Dividend – helping the charity carry out its vital work of reclaiming green places!
  6. The majority of the people we help are young. TCV helps to address the problem of youth unemployment.  Nearly 40% of the people we work with are 16-24.  With youth unemployment running at over 20% we are proud to be making a positive difference transforming young people's prospects.
  7. What's the bottom line? The Welfare to Work 'Work Programme' has helped 62,000 people into work between April and June 2013. This brings the total number of people helped into work to 384,000. This shows the programme is helping to get people into jobs.3

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[3] http://ersa.org.uk/media/news/work-programme-supports-62000-work-past-quarter

Case Studies

Jaine Rubin

JaineJaine was referred to TCV's Opportunity Bristol scheme in April 2013. Jaine had heard about Opportunity Bristol via friend and she spoke to her local JCP about getting on board and working with TCV.

Jaine's previous experience saw her as an Outreach Course coordinator for a large health charity, but after leaving work to start a family; she found that the job market had changed considerably and was struggling to get back into workplace.

Jaine and worked with TCV  to find out what her job goals were; on how her CV could better reflect her skills and abilities, as well as working on her confidence to help her realise her potential. 

Here is what Jaine has to say about TCV:

As a single parent, out of work for 6 years, I was struggling to complete an up to date and relevant CV, and to bridge the work gap and find employment.

A friend highly recommended Opportunity Bristol. I requested an appointment at the Job Centre and met Deshni, an Opportunity Consultant with TCV on 23rd April.

She instantly put me at ease. Her warm, encouraging & practical approach was very reassuring and enabled me to see what I need to work on to optimise my chance of employment.

Deshni gave me plenty of relevant guidance and information, such as The Single parent network , CV examples and interview prep- but for me what was most beneficial was the emotion and practical support Deshni gave me to complete my CV. I now have a CV I am proud of and which reflects me accurately. I thank Deshni for her great support!


Jaine has now retrained as a foot care Practioner & has launched her own business named "Nurture your sole" which provides a routine footcare service & has secured work with Age UK Bristol and Lingage Bristol, which is tremendous work for a very new start up!

Go Outside, Learn and Develop Project (G.O.L.D.)

G.O.L.DThe G.O.L.D. (Go Outside, Learn and Develop) project group had completed their course and so did just that. Rachael Ford, Senior Project Officer and Steve Newman, Youth Project Officer, marked the end of hard work, commitment and lots of learning by taking their group on a  well-earned day out at Weston-super-Mare beach.

For 11 weeks Leighton Gent, Ryan Hazell, Shane Roper, Ryan Bush and George Davidson took part in The Conservation Volunteer's Foundation Learning programme for 16–18 year olds – and all have passed with flying colours!

Each one of them worked hard in sun, wind and rain to achieve an impressive portfolio of qualifications. They all gained their ABC Award in Practical Conservation and Environmental Skills, an Award in Progression in Teamwork Skills, an NCFE in Post and Rail Fencing, an NCFE in Post and Wire Fencing and also had the opportunity to brush up on their Maths, English and ICT.

The Foundation Learning Programme involved a range of activities such as woodland management, footpath and step creation, fencing, habitat maintenance, walling, bush craft skills and tool maintenance, as well as working on strengthening their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills whilst being in a creative and fun environment.

Will Smith

WillWill Smith joined TCV Employment & Training Services in August 2013, having been out of work for almost a year and a half. After meeting his Work Programme and National Careers Service advisors who helped update his CV, Will jumped at the chance to take part in the Steps to Work course to help improve his confidence and update his CV and skills after a lengthy period of unemployment.

With previous experience in Ask Italian and House in the Tree as a trainee chef, Will's potential was obvious and all he was lacking was the confidence and knowledge of how to sell himself in such a competitive jobs market.

Having completed the Steps to Work course and his confidence renewed, Will moved up to TCV's dedicated broker team who worked quickly to secure him a work trial with Cheltenham's newly opened restaurant: YO! Sushi.

As expected, Will greatly impressed on his trial and was offered the job on the spot. He started his new job just 33 days after stepping foot into the TCV office!

Will was extremely grateful for such a quick turnaround in helping him back to work and said:

Since my girlfriend found a job I've been desperate to find something of my own and coming to TCV has really given me the boost I needed to get back into working life. I was only there for a month and already I have a great job with opportunities to become a trained Sushi chef!


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