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Thank you for all your help. After 5 Interviews I am now hopeful to be employed very soon. Emma

TCV has been inspirational to me in finding work. Thanks Glenn

TCV is not like other programmes. The staff really treat you as an individual. Roger

At first I thought TCV was just another programme I wouldn't benefit from. I was wrong. I'm so glad I came here. I finally believe in myself to find a job. John


Terry joined the Work Programme in Cheltenham and hadn't been in full time employment since 2008, he was very apprehensive as he had some previous personal issues that had prevented him completing a previous provision. 

Terry regularly attended job search sessions with TCV Employment and Training Services and when the opportunity for a paid position arose with only 5 hours before the start time Terry jumped at the opportunity to be put forward. Terry received the call from the employer and attended an interview that afternoon which resulted in an offer of employment which he accepted and started  the job in the same day.

Since commencing employment, Terry has worked closely with our aftercare consultant to ensure his employment is sustained. Terry has also purchased a new bike in order to ensure that he is always on time for his new job.


Stephen came to TCV Employment and Training Services on the Work Programme; he had previously worked in the Building trade for many years. He lost his job during the recession and was hesitant about returning to employment. He needed support and advice to decide whether he would be better off going back to work as a self-employed builder

He had a number of meetings with a TCV Employment Advisor to discuss how "in-work support" and "in work calculations" which proved that going into self-employment, especially with his contacts could benefit him more than being unemployed.

TCV Employment and Training Services helped Stephen with his business plan and supported him through his business start up activities. Stephen is now finding that his skills and contacts are proving that even in a recession there is business for skilled people and his business is building slowly but profitably 


Ryan's goal was to get back in the working environment to support his family. He needed a lot of support when completing application forms and with telephone techniques, so he attended weekly sessions with TCV Employment and Training Services.

TCV worked with The Number Works based in Swindon. This was a new restaurant that was opening and they had asked TCV to help them with their recruitment and we arranged a work trial for Ryan covering all costs for employee and employer to ensure a smooth process.

After 3 weeks Ryan was rewarded with an offer of a full time position, an offer and opportunity Ryan took with both hands.


Having been a job seeker for 18 months Rachel was sceptical when the job centre first informed her of the new Work Programme. On her first appointment she found that staff were helpful, friendly and extremely keen to find her a job. After her second appointment she was offered a work trial as an Administrator. She thoroughly enjoyed this role and after two weeks was offered a position.