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The Conservation Volunteers, funded by the Department of Health, Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund (HSCVF) and in partnership with Mind, have been commissioned to deliver a practice development project to promote individual resilience and wellbeing for people who are at risk of developing a mental health condition or who have otherwise presented with emotional distress.

  • Three year pilot run in partnership with 4 Local Minds, and Mind, the mental health charity
  • Volunteer-led Green Gym, peer support model within an ecotherapy setting
  • To be delivered in key areas across NHS London (Enfield, Hackney, Hounslow, Newham)
  • Endorsed by Public Health
  • Engaging 672 participants, and creating 216 volunteer roles
  • Evaluation delivered by Mind
  • Mental Health Resilience Training delivered by Mind
  • Leadership, First Aid and Conservation Skills training delivered by TCV

The project has been co-designed with Commissioners and will contribute to the achievement of local Health and Wellbeing strategies in the delivery areas, providing an effective prevention and early intervention programme. It will enhance local capacity; reduce costs for healthcare services, and provide a mechanism to establish greater community cohesion.

The project will directly support the reduction of health inequalities by targeting recognised at risk groups in disadvantaged areas with the provision of a non-threatening and stigma-free intervention. The project will utilise an innovative and sustainable volunteer-led, peer support model within an ecotherapy setting based on a framework of ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing.’

  • TCV’s Green Gym model, supports groups to be physically active by transforming neglected green spaces through practical activities. Green Gyms provide participants across the UK with opportunities to learn new skills and build self-esteem.
  • The Mind model of resilience identifies wellbeing, psychological coping strategies and social capital as the core pillars to building a person’s ability to confront and cope with life’s challenges.
  • The Five Ways to Wellbeing – ‘Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give’ are a set of evidence based actions which promote wellbeing and can be undertaken by individuals in their daily lives.

To commission Pro-Active Minds in your locality please contact your local TCV representative