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Want to give something back to the environment? Gain experience in the environmental sector? Then becoming a VO with The Conservation Volunteers could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

What is a Volunteer Officer?

A Volunteer Officer (or VO) will offer a regular amount of time to work with TCV and play an integral part in the smooth running of conservation projects. There are three distinct roles that a VO at Richmond will undertake:

  • Pre-project planning: risk assessments, site surveys, etc
  • Leading and assisting on project days
  • Matters associated with the day to day running of the office including fundraising and PR.

But you can pick and choose what you would like to do - maybe even develop some new areas of interest for TCV in Richmond

Do I need any qualifications to become a VO?

At The Conservation Volunteers, an enthusiasm for the environment is the only qualification you need! So whether you want to gain extra practical experience or you work part time and want to take a break from the office, you can still become a VO. If you have held a driving licence for over 2 years, and are over 21 you may be able to drive the minibus as well!

What's in it for me?

  • Becoming a VO is a proven way into the environmental sector with 45% of our VOs finding employment in the sector after their time with The Conservation Volunteers.
  • We are committed to providing training and development to all VOs; and as such we provide free access to essential courses such as first aid and leadership, in addition to non-essential courses run by The Conservation Volunteers including woodland management and fungi ID.
  • Working in the outdoors and making a positive change to the environment is extremely fulfilling.
  • You will be working with other VOs and volunteers as part of a close-knit team in a friendly working atmosphere.

Current VO vacancies

The Conservation Volunteers in Richmond aims to take on 2 or 3 Volunteer Officers at a time and has positions available on a regular basis. For more information and to check whether any positions are currently available please contact Laura Brackenbury at laura.brackenbury@tcv.org.uk or 020 8607 9890 or 07764 655 667.