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Carillion plc lend a hand with the car park at Hollybush

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Carillion Team

For the last week and a half a small team from Carillion plc have been working to resolve a long standing surface water drainage issue at Hollybush.

Levels have been altered, a curb installed at the yard entrance and a long soakaway drain installed that will keep water from the track and carpark out of the inner courtyard. " We've been amazed at Carillion's generousity and look forward to not having a small lake and duckboards to the workshop after every heavy shower" says John Preston local manager.

This is work is at the end of Carillion's two year contract to build the new A65 buslane near Hollybush, Carillion also donated some surplus materials to The Conservation Volunteers that will be used to create raised growing beds and level paving within the grounds. The first job was completed during the Big Green Weekend.