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Enjoying the hot weather

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Sun in a blue sky

Summer weather has arrived with a bang, but with it comes the increased risk that sunshine and heat bring with it. Here's just a few tips about how to take care whilst enjoying the welcome warm weather!

These tips apply to anyone spending time outdoors, whether working or playing. Most of us love the hot weather (we never seem to get enough), but it's important that we stay safe!

Sunburn and skin cancer

Avoid strong sunlight where possible especially when the sun is strongest (between 11pm-3pm).

Cover the skin. keep your top on, wearing a collared shirt will help protect the neck. Wear long sleeves and trousers and suitable head wear. Clothing should have a tight weave to reduce the amount of UV rays that can get through to the skin. Head wear should shade sensitive areas such as the back of the neck, ears and nose, ie a hat with a brim.

Use sun creams & sun block

This is not the only protection and is less effective that the actions already mentioned.

Apply sun cream at least 30 minutes before exposure occurs and reapply regularly to maintain protection. When using a sunscreen, apply it thickly and evenly, paying particular attention to those parts of the body not usually exposed to the sun, plus sensitive areas such as the nose, ears, lips and bald patches.

Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and a star rating of 4 or 5 (for UVA protection).

Eye damage

Sunglasses can also offer protection, but not all of them are adequate. Choose a pair that offers side protection such as wraparound styles and has one of the following:

  • CE Mark and British Standard (BS EN 1836:2005)
  • a UV 400 label
  • a statement that they offer 100% UV protection

Dehydration, Heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Drink plenty of fluids especially water. Increase the amount of drinks breaks and keep drinks close at hand to encourage regular drinking.

Try to take breaks in the shade. Avoid strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day.