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Growing partnership to enable planting of 250,000 trees

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We are proud to annouce the launch of this year’s I Dig Trees programme that will see 250,000 trees being planted in communities across the United Kingdom.

I Dig Trees is a partnership between The Conservation Volunteers and OVO Energy, one of the UK’s most innovative independent energy suppliers.
OVO Energy partnered with TCV in September 2015, which was followed shortly by the announcement of I Dig Trees. This involved TCV helping to deliver a tree planting programme to achieve the ambitious aim of planting 158,000 trees across the UK during last winter. The programme was delivered through Green Gyms and TCV’s community volunteering activities across multiple sites up and down the country, and aimed to bring communities together, improve the environment and make a difference for future generations.
This year’s I Dig Trees programme is growing bigger and better than ever as OVO aims to plant 250,000 trees, together with TCV and thousands of volunteers in over 1,250 community spaces across the UK - most notably in urban areas that would benefit considerably from the tree planting. This will be achieved with approximately 62,000 hours of community volunteering.

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OVO Energy created I Dig Trees as a feature of its 100% renewable Greener Energy plan, to deliver an additional benefit to the environment. All trees planted are native species and all will be planted in the UK, directly impacting our local communities. OVO celebrates sustainable living by offering customers a higher than average 33% green energy as standard in all tariffs - in addition to the 100% renewable Greener Energy plan.

Getting involved

The programme launches this month and there are multiple ways in which people can get involved.

Members of the public can register their community group to receive one of the 1,250 free community tree planting packs, through the My Community Digs Trees initiative on the TCV website. Alternatively, people can volunteers to take part in the tree planting at a location near them.

TCV will be working with thousands of volunteers to plant a quarter of a million trees in the coming year as part of the next phase of the I Dig Trees programme

Darren York, Managing Director of TCV

TCV recognise the critical role that trees play in maintaining the delicate ecosystem and tree planting programmes have long formed a key part of TCV’s nationwide activities, alongside improving the country’s public health. The programme will also take strides towards TCV’s aim of creating healthy, happy communities for everyone across the country.

The programmes hope to involve and inspire volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to get involved with their natural environment, be more active and make the most of their outdoor spaces.

Darren York, Managing Director of TCV, said: “TCV will be working with thousands of volunteers to plant a quarter of a million trees in the coming year as part of the next phase of the I Dig Trees programme – it’s a hugely ambitious target but we know we can achieve it. OVO Energy are a fantastic partner and together, we will be delivering huge health and wellbeing benefits to even more communities across the country.”

Adam Rostom, Chief Marketing Officer at OVO Energy, added “As a growing energy supplier, we are proud to be working with local communities to create greener, healthier urban spaces that are better for everyone. I Dig Trees was a huge success last year - by planting three trees for each of our Greener customers we were able to deliver 158,000 trees to communities large and small across the UK.

“We were delighted with the response to the programme and it’s been fantastic to know that so many have benefited from improved greener spaces right here in the UK. This year we are going even further, growing our commitment to five trees per Greener customer with the aim of planting 250,000 by March 2017.”

Rafik Jassat, from disability group Purple Patch, said "The community centre where we are based is situated in a very urban location lacking in greenery. We are a disability group who have started engaging in some gardening activities and are keen to expand this by encouraging wildlife around the centre and making the environment greener and more pleasant to be in. 

“There is an area around the car park adjacent to the centre which our room overlooks which would be ideal to plant the trees and for our service users to be involved in doing putting them in the ground and looking after them as they grow."

For more information on the programme and how to get involved, please visit www.tcv.org.uk/idigtrees