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I Dig Trees – 100 Year Legacy

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A person planting a tree

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with trees and woods disappearing every day. Trees are often at the heart of community green spaces providing a range of valuable benefits to the community including giving a home to nature, encouraging people to be more active outdoors and absorbing rainfall and reducing soil erosion.

TCV are proud to announce our exciting I Dig Trees planting programme, providing over 157,000 free trees around the UK.

Funded by OVO Energy on behalf of their Greener Energy Plan, this partnership is open to all community groups and volunteers and is a great way to Join in, feel good!

OVO Energy is one of the leading independent suppliers in the UK energy retail market and the 10th fastest growing private business in the UK. Under their Greener Energy tariff, OVO is committed to reduce, offset or positively impact against their CO2 emissions.

We asked our Greener Energy tariff customers how we should do this, and they said "local improvements first".

So rather than plant trees in a distant industrial forest, ‘I Dig Trees’ delivers CO2 impact in local green spaces where customers can appreciate the results - and perhaps get their hands dirty by volunteering.

Justin Dekoszmovszky, Head of Sustainability at OVO

Packs of 50 trees suitable for a variety of green spaces are provided completely free of charge to community groups, schools, clubs and OVO Communities.

All packs contain 10 bare-root plants of each species, 50 spiral guards (60cm x 50mm dia.) and supporting cane (90cm 12/14lbs) packaged in forestry co-extruded bags.  Comprehensive planting guides and OVO sponsored web site guidance are also provided.

More information on the tree packs can be found at tcv.org.uk/idigtrees