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Join in with Winning the Hearts and Minds of South Yorkshire and feel good

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The Conservation Volunteers Sheffield

Volunteers in South Yorkshire have been improving green places since March and they want you to join in.

Simon Joy has been volunteering with The Conservation Volunteers in South Yorkshire on the Winning the Hearts and Minds of South Yorkshire project since it began.

This volunteer has been able to develop in a number of new ways. They have learnt new skills and conserved a variety of habitats across the county including school nature gardens, urban parks and moorlands. They have had the chance to learn leadership skills, access training and meet new people.

Simon Joy says: “I absolutely love to volunteer with this project. I get to meet new people on the workdays and have made some really good friends. I have also learnt new skills and really been able to look after the environment and do my bit. I feel fitter than I did before and I’m also feeling a lot more positive about myself. I’m currently unemployed but this opportunity is really giving me a sense of direction and helping to shape my future career prospects.”

Winning the Hearts and Minds of South Yorkshire is run by The Conservation Volunteers as a result of a £27,932 grant from money raised by Health Rich through the health lottery. The project involves people from across the local area in practical conservation tasks that improve their health and wellbeing. In addition to having a positive impact on local green spaces, the participants develop their skills, and most importantly, have fun!

John Thompson, Senior Field Project Officer at The Conservation Volunteers, said: “This project is already making a difference to local green places and the communities that live and work near them. Stories such as Simon’s are a real inspiration and the reason I want more people to join in and feel good.”

If you want to join in with Winning the Hearts and Minds of South Yorkshire or find out how else you can support our volunteers either visit www.tcv.org.uk or telephone 0114 290 1255.