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Is speed volunteering the future?

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Volunteers building a path

We recently wrote an article for Countryside Jobs Service on how the speed volunteering initiative by Boris Johnson, the Mayor for London, gets busy people joining in and feeling good.

Through his volunteering programme Team London, he has launched a new app to encourage Londoners to volunteer for short bursts of activity that can be slotted into their packed and otherwise pressurised lives. The app aims to do for charities what the concept of speed dating does for busy singletons.

A perfect example of speed volunteering is TCV’s Green Gym, which features on the app. Green Gyms are well suited to busy Londoners who nevertheless want to get outdoors with other people and make improvements to their local environment whilst, at the same time, improve their personal levels of health and happiness.

The app can be downloaded here. Or find out more information on Green Gyms across the country.

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