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People doing art activities

The first public event for children run by a group of residents and organisations has been a massive success!

They expected a maximum of 50 children, and were blown away when there were queues of about 200 children waiting to join in the activities! Cup cakes disappeared by the packet and craft materials and refreshments were cleared out by enthusiastic kids and parents.

Supported by the Local People Programme, the 'Step Out' Children's Event (shown in the video) is the first of a series of activities led by the community and the newly emerging local Step Out group.

A recent survey by TCV’s Local People Programme found that around 90% of residents want more in South Wigston for children and teenagers, or are concerned about antiā€social behaviour. The lack of a regular youth service has been a very contentious issue for years in South Wigston. A group of residents and organisations came together to see what they could do about it.

They decided to ask kids (and their parents) what they want and give them a chance to try new things. STEP OUT! was the first taster event to give children and teenagers an opportunity to have a go at loads of activities and have their say about what happens in South Wigston for children.

‘Kids need something to do that’s constructive with their time, otherwise they’re just going to hang around on the street and get into trouble or get involved with things that they wouldn’t normally do... They’re so brilliant, some of these young people and the creativity that they’re showing. We need to foster that… I’m very keen to make sure that they’ve got a voice in what that looks like, how that happens and where that takes place and this is giving them that platform to do that… It’s clear that an event like this is going to be well attended, and I think there’s clearly a need for it’ – Alison Jolley, Young Leicestershire.

Thanks to support from Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, TCV’s Local People Programme with money raised by HealthBelief, Young Leicestershire, VAL’s Community Capacity Building Project, Active Oadby and Wigston, South Wigston Methodist Church, South Wigston Chambers of Commerce, Phoenix Therapies, Reactive, Tesco South Wigston, Oadby and Wigston Youth Council… and the countless residents and volunteers who helped out on the day!