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Volunteers Continue Protecting Biodiversity In London!

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London Volunteers

For many of our London-based volunteers, The Conservation Volunteers provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in London and allows them to discover and enjoy the many green spaces the capital has to offer.  

In and around London, The Conservation Volunteers work on a variety of environmental projects, with the aim of enhancing biodiversity locally and improving outdoor areas for enjoyment by the public and use by local schools for educational purposes. Projects carried out over the last year by our Green Gym groups have been designed to maintain existing habitats and restore ancient habitats.

On Primrose Hill in North London, they have been busy restoring indigenous acid grassland to encourage a wide variety of insects and nationally-scarce plants and flowers. They have also been active in Regent’s Park, planting bulbs of native bluebells and narcissus. In both Regent’s Park and Waterlow Park in Highgate, they have been working hard to maintain wetlands and ponds to allow native species to flourish. Projects have included the creation of new wild flower meadows in Euston Square and St. James Square.  Insect hotels, stag beetle loggeries and bird and bat boxes have also been created in local nature reserves to increase the local woodland population and encourage biodiversity.

Our volunteers enjoy working together to enhance the natural spaces in London!