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M&S Energy Fund

Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Leeds has been shortlisted to win £12,500 through the M&S Energy Fund – and we need your votes to help secure it.

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The fund is part of M&S’ ethical and environmental programme, Plan A, and was set up to enable more communities in the UK to generate renewable energy and become environmentally and financially sustainable. TCV’s Skelton Grange wishes to do this through a new Green Machine.

This renewable energy project in the form of a new ground source heat pump would benefit the thousands of people involved with Skelton Grange by improving their community facility, making it warmer, more comfortable to use and in a way that has a positive impact on their environment.

It would also drastically save money on Skelton Grange’s current expenditure, which could be reinvested back into education sessions and conservation and biodiversity projects – all which improve local people’s health and wellbeing, social inclusion, confidence, capacity, job skills and sense of community.

By winning this fund, the Green Machine renewable energy source could have an enormously positive impact on the environment and on Skelton Grange and the surrounding community.

Last year alone, Skelton Grange had:

  • 126 volunteers
  • A hugely diverse mix of beneficiaries: Children, adults, people from the surrounding urban and coal field communities, school groups, local authority social services centres, women’s aid groups, play schemes, youth groups, young carers, those unemployed or on low income, foster families, bereaved children and people with health issues and disabilities - Almost 10,000 hours of volunteering time
  • 10 acres of nature reserve looked after
  • 6,527 people benefited from the natural environment

So let’s improve the community facility at Skelton Grange and vote to win the M&S Energy Fund!

Find out more about the project and watch the video here. All you need to do to vote is:

Voting closes on 30th September.