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New Volunteer Officers join the Young Roots Team!

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Young Roots

Meet Darryl

Hi! I’m Darryl one of the new Young Roots Volunteer Officers for The Conservation Volunteers. I first got involved with TCV to give me some knowledge and practical experience within the conservation field; as well as getting me out of the house and getting some fresh air into my lungs!

I recently graduated with a degree in psychology (so pretty far away from the environmental and conservation sector) and when I became aware of this position I thought it would be perfect. As the Young Roots project helps and encourages local young people with assisted learning needs to explore and conserve their natural heritage, it combines my desire to help people, while at the same time allowing me to aid with the conservation effort.

This opportunity has allowed me to become part of a like-minded, friendly and, very welcoming team. The position will allow me to further my skills and knowledge within the environmental education sector which help further my career, as well as giving me the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped young people’s lives and the environment of the local area.

I really enjoyed my first day meeting the young people and helping them indentify and clear the aspen and snowberry as well as teaching them about native and non-native species. I very much look forward to the next Young Roots session and the future of this role.

Meet Carys

Hello! I’m Carys and I’ve just started as a Volunteer Officer for the Young Roots Project. I’m excited to be involved as I am passionate about conservation and wildlife, and love working outdoors with people.  I studied Wildlife Biology in my degree where I really enjoyed learning about the variety of conservation efforts around the world, and in my chosen work I decided to focus on British wildlife, writing about the mysterious lives of urban foxes as well as the plight of UK red squirrels.  Since leaving University I have found volunteering with TCV really helpful in terms of gaining practical skills and experience that I’ve never done before. With the TCV team I have so far created ponds, laid hedges, coppiced trees, built fences, laid paths, constructed bridges, the list goes on!

I feel that the Young Roots Project would be a great next step for me in allowing me to challenge myself and take on a bit more responsibility. I am enthusiastic about being able to help young people learn about the outdoors and gain new skills, whilst hopefully having fun, exploring and being hands on with nature!