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TCV Go Wild at Sale Water Park!

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Hapa Zome Natural Art

Over the weekend TCV braved the heat wave to Go Wild at Sale Water Park! Hosted by City of Trees, ‘Go Wild’ at Sale Water Park included a day of fun-filled wild activities to encourage people to get out and get active at Sale Water Park. Activities at the annual event ranged from woodland crafts to wild foraging and even a solar powered DJ!

The TCV stand attracted both children and adults to try their hand at Hapa Zome - the Japanese art of leaf printing. This creative natural art technique involves using a hammer or mallet to press the natural pigments out of leaves and flowers onto fabric. Children and adults enjoyed identifying the flowers and leaves around Sale Water Park before printing them onto our community artwork display. The finished artwork is now on display within the Sale Water Park Hub for visitors to enjoy.

We particularly enjoyed using a hammer to bash the leaves of Himalayan Balsam - an invasive plant species that is common at Sale Water Park. This invasive species grows quickly and rapidly, shading out our native plant species.  The plant has very shallow roots and is easy to pull up so this season we are focusing on removing it from areas across Sale Water Park. Balsam bashing is a relentless task but after around 3 years of targeting the same areas of the park we are making significant progress in controlling it for the benefit of our native habitats.