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Green Gyms in the North

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Green Gyms are an innovative way to keep fit and improve wellbeing whilst transforming the local environment. There are over 100 Green Gyms running countrywide proving that this is becoming a more and more popular way to stay healthy. Participants find they can burn a third more calories in a Green Gym session than in a traditional aerobic workout!

Here in the North West we have:

Whitby Park Green Gym, Ellesmere Port on a Tuesday 10am-12.30.

Funding provided by the Natural Health Service, Green Gym is run by Neil McMahon- contact details below.

Countess of Chester Green Gym - Every Tuesday at 2:00pm

The Conservation Volunteers work in Partnership with landowners at the Countess of Chester Country Park, as the managing agent for The Land Trust, this health based session is run by Neil McMahon

Countess of Chester Country Park- Young and Green at Heart Project

During 2018-19 we have been funded to run the Young and Green at Heart Project by the Bright Ideas fund. We are running an over 50s Green Gym at the Countess of Chester every Friday- again get in touch with Neil McMahon for more information.

This is a unique and free opportunity for local people to get involved and to take the lead in transforming a local green space for wildlife and the community, whilst learning new skills together.

Green Gym sessions are FREE and open to all volunteers, regardless of experience or levels of fitness. A variety of activities will allow volunteers to rotate between tasks, try out different tools and work at their own pace.

Experienced leaders will start and finish each session with a few minutes of gentle warm-up exercises and cool-down stretches to get muscles warmed up and reduce the risk of injury.

The well earned break half way through the session is a chance to socialise with like-minded people and enjoy a hot drink brewed outside!

Getting involved is simple! For more information or to book your place contact:

Neil McMahon 0n 07740899716 or n.mcmahon@tcv.org.uk

The activities are also listed on the volunteering page using your postcode.