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Banbridge summer gardening

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Young people planting window boxes

An exciting new community project has started in the Banbridge area running throughout the whole summer.  It has been very popular so far with a whole range of age groups attending the weekly workshops.

The project has three different parts which are Window boxes on the Whirl, the travelling garden show and Trash to Treasure Gardens.

Up to date, the Window boxes on the Whirl has been completed which involved those residing at the community centre making 80 window boxes from scratch. There was a good line of production going and it was very efficient! Most of the group had never used hand tools before but they weren't afraid to get stuck in and by the end of the session they were professionals!

The next phase was going out to the local housing estates and encouraging residents to plant up their own window box.  This was very popular, there was a great uptake and everyone that attended was very happy to go home with a shiny new window box for decorating their home.

The travelling garden show is in progress. Whoever attends paints the wheelbarrows funky, mad colours and plants them with bright flowers.  They are then transported through the estates and left in different areas to add a bit of colour and life!

The final part of the project is the Trash to Treasure Gardens, which involves going to the local amenity centre and turning garbage into gardens.  This will incorporate the reduce, reuse, recycle motto!

This project is running throughout the summer and everyone is welcome to join in and have a go!! If interested, please contact Jenny McGetrick on 07764 655646.