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Guillemots at Carrickfergus pier

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People with a guillemot nest box in Carrickfergus

10 guillemot boxes have been installed around the pier in Carrickfergus this month. The nest boxes were sourced by Alison and were kindly donated by Peter Scott, Senior Berthing Master at Bangor Mania, who has been involved in a guillemot next box scheme in Bangor for a number of years. The nest boxes are designed specifically for guillemots and the entrances are too small for other birds in the area, such as seagulls, to use.

Black guillemots are a species of Auk. Adult birds have black bodies with a white wing patch and red legs and feet. They eat fish and crustaceans and make their nests amongst boulders at the base of cliffs, in rock crevices and in man-made structures, such as piers. The species is currently Amber-listed due to concerns over the decline in population. The main limiting factor for these birds is safe, secure nesting places, which is where the guillemot boxes come in.

There are currently three breeding pairs in Carrickfergus and we are hoping to attract more with the nest boxes.

The recently launched Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) document sets out how biodiversity within the region can be protected and enhanced for the benefit of all and encourages everyone to make the urban environment more attractive for wildlife. Installing the guillemot boxes is another example of how Carrickfergus is striving to do so.