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Hedgerow Hopes!

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People planting a new hedgerow

The Coleraine Conservation Action Team have been working with The Biodiversity Officer from Antrim Borough Council to deliver the Heritage Lottery funded 'Hedgerow Hopes' project across schools and other sites in Antrim.

This project seeks to involve people in restoring neglected native hedgerows.

Hedgerows and the trees that grow in them are a very distinctive part of our countryside.

Apart from all of the advantages of hedgerows to us and livestock such as protection and shelter they have great aesthetic value providing interest throughout the seasons. They are really like linear woodlands, providing valuable wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors.

We have had lots of people involved in restoring hedgerows on their sites – at Parkhall Primary School over 200 children participated – every child in the school planted at least one hedgerow plant!

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