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Mid and East Antrim Biodiversity Action Plan launch

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Children at the LBAP launch at Silverstream Primary School

The launch of the Mid and East Antrim Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) was held in the grounds of Silverstream Primary School, Greenisland, on Tuesday 3rd March 2015. Guests included members of Carrickfergus Council, headmasters of local schools and members of local community groups. Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils joined in the fun and planted 100 trees and built insect boxes to mark the occasion.

The trees planted will form a native hedgerow which will in time provide habitat and resources for insects, mammals, and birds. The insect boxes were made with willow, bamboo, moss and other natural materials and will provide a home for beetles, spiders, solitary bees and many more important invertebrates which are essential for biodiversity.

The LBAP document sets out how biodiversity within the region can be protected and enhanced for the benefit of all, and for future generations. We are very lucky in Carrickfergus to have such a wealth of wildlife which we should strive to protect. The main habitats within the region are coastal, grasslands, woodlands, rivers, lakes, bogs and urban/industrial. In Carrickfergus we have some wonderful sites such as Blackhead Path, Beach Road Nature Reserve and Diamond Jubilee Wood and all are important for biodiversity.

Through this LBAP we want to encourage people to get involved in local biodiversity. We want to make the urban environment more attractive for wildlife.  Many individuals, groups and schools, like Silverstream Primary, are making a real difference by supporting urban biodiversity and creating homes for wildlife. We urge everyone to continue the great work!

Find out more information on biodiversity in Carrickfergus and download the Biodiversity Action Plan