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TCV celebrates older volunteers

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Paul Moore receiving his award from Belfast City Council

One of Belfast's most cherished volunteers has received recognition in the Belfast City Age Friendly Awards.

Paul Moore was awarded the Older Volunteer of the Year Award at an event in Belfast City Hall in December.

Paul is known affectionately as 'Bug Man'. He is a semi-retired entomologist providing a country-wide service of insect ID, pest control advice and training.

Paul complements his now part-time career with volunteering with The Conservation Volunteers, dedicating much of his annual leave and free time to supporting the local Conservation Action Team. He is involved with biodiversity improvement projects across Belfast as well as supporting publicity and educational events across NI.

As Helen Tomb who nominated him says:

If Paul stopped volunteering TCV would lose a valuable, and much loved human resource. The office would be a much duller place as Paul creates a spark and sense of fun within the team. The wider community would lose an inspirational teacher and the natural world would lose a guardian.

The Belfast City Council Older Volunteer of the Year Award recognises an individual volunteer whose contribution has made a significant difference to a voluntary organisation, local community or other volunteers.