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Thank-you BBQ for the bracken bashers

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The Kolping group after work

The Kolping Youth group from Germany and Austria have completed their workcamp with our North East Conservation Action Team. Much of their time and energy was directed towards the control of invasive bracken on the mature dunes at the Whiterocks, Portrush.

This involved employing a number of management techniques to weaken the bracken. The students enjoyed the stress-busting technique of bashing the bracken stems with sticks.

This activity has occupied many local volunteers over the summer months as well as those from further afield. The Conservation Volunteers staff from all of the offices in Northern Ireland joined in the bracken bashing on the afternoon of their annual staff conference. It is hoped that the control of the bracken will allow the typical sand dune vegetation to colonise the dunes once again.

The team hosted a barbeque to thank the Kolping Group and the regular volunteers who had devoted many hours to this project.