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Thanks from Coleraine

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Volunteers near a beach after work

A big 'Thank You' to all our Volunteers in Coleraine!

During the past year, over 50 Volunteers have joined the Conservation Action Team in Coleraine to work on over 40 sites across the North Coast area.

Braving the changeable weather conditions they have created community gardens, installed outdoor classrooms as educational resources in school grounds, removed invasive species, planted grasses on the dune system and cleared coastal public pathways. Of course thousands of native hedge plants, trees and wildflowers have also been planted through the winter and early spring.

When the weather was most severe, an impressive selection of raised wooden planters, bird tables, seats and other wildlife garden features were constructed at their workshop for use on a variety of projects.

All of this would not have been achieved without our volunteers' help - it's very much appreciated!