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Up to date news and stories from The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland.

Up to the Challenge
22 January 2014

Volunteers contouring a pond

Ballycastle Integrated Primary School has been successful in their application for enhancing the biodiversity of their school grounds and providing opportunities to study it....

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Community Garden Project
16 January 2014

Delicious looking vegetables

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has identified funding to develop and enhance ...

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Active Living Award for Green Gym
18 December 2013

TCV collecting the Active Living award

The Health and Communities team in Belfast celebrated after winning the 'Active Living' award for the Green Gym project from...

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Long-term support in Laurel Glen
17 December 2013

The Laurel Glen team

The Conservation Volunteers in West Belfast have been working in partnership with local residents to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

Community Wardens from the Laurel Glen team work alongside The Colin...

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Weaving the Newtonwnabbey Way
14 December 2013

Freshly planted willow along the Newtownabbey Way

The Belfast Conservation Action Team recently ...

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