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Discover Me – TCV Scotland Natural Play programme where children and families can learn, play, explore and discover

Discover Me is all about connecting and inspiring families with the outdoors and their local environment.  The programme aims to promote health and wellbeing of children and families through increased contact with the natural world, connecting participants not just as a family but with their local environment embarking on outdoor family play sessions run at nearby local community and green space areas.

What are the sessions about?

Discover Me sessions are delivered through planned, purposeful play with a balance of adult led and child initiated activities.  The sessions incorporate biodiversity themed games, forest school camps, nature art activities and a wide range of environmental outdoor games.

How will you benefit?

Discover Me is much more than just science, it’s fun! It promotes a healthy active lifestyle and delivers lifelong skills. Through participating in the project children and families learn about the value of their local green spaces, the wildlife they support and have more opportunities for Outdoor Play.

  • Play is an essential part of childhood: children learn through play.
  • Children at play practice group work, turn taking and share experiences.
  • Play gives children the opportunity to develop their imagination, explore their creativity and increase their confidence.

My wee boy is normally very quiet as he has speech problems, but at the session this is the most I have ever seen him animated for a while -  Parent at Discover Me session

Thank you! That was very inspiring, and gave me lots of ideas of outdoor games to play with my children - Parent at Discover Me session, Glasgow

Community Discover Me

Discover Me started as a pilot project funded by Inspiring Scotland and the Go2Play Fund to support early intervention by bringing together minority groups, in particular refugee and asylum seeker families and increasing interest in the environment and their community at a young age through outdoor play.

TCV Scotland has delivered Discover Me sessions with families from minority ethnic backgrounds, asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow.

Schools Discover Me

School grounds and nearby green areas are important sites for children’s environmental learning and development.  TCV Scotland can also deliver Discover Me sessions at your school, providing pupils with real-life natural experiences, and a range of fun play activities.

Discover Me at Hospice and Hospitals

This programme is all about connecting children and families receiving respite care and end of life care with nature through fun play activities. The sessions can take place in and outside hospital settings so that all children can get involved in a range of natural play experiences.

Discover Me is an inclusive play project that through a balance of Child Led Play and Adult Led activities can offer children the opportunity to gain new skills, socialize and express their fears and fantasies through Play. We would like to say a big thank you to Inspiring Scotland for supporting us with this programme through their Play Strategy Fund.


For further information about opportunities in your area, please get in touch:

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