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Discover Me programme at Hospice and Hospitals in Scotland

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Discover Me Scotland

The Conservation Volunteers Scotland is delighted to announce that we have a new Discover Me programme that will start this summer.

Discover Me is TCV Scotland Natural Play Programme where children and families can learn, play, explore and discover.  This new programme is all about connecting children and families receiving respite care and end of life care with nature through fun play activities.

The sessions will take place in and outside hospital settings so that all children can get involved in a range of natural play experiences. Sensory walks, nature games, biodiversity activities and nature art collages are just some of the things that will be included in the sessions.

Discover Me is an inclusive play project that through a balance of Child Led Play and Adult Led activities will offer children the opportunity to gain new skills, socialize and express their fears and fantasies through Play.

We would like to say a big thank you to Inspiring Scotland for supporting us with this programme through their Play Strategy Fund. TCV Scotland is very excited to be part of the Go2Play portfolio and we can’t wait to start!