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Drama workshop

Nationally, participation in the arts is dropping each year, and connection with wildlife is also suffering with 7 out of 10 feeling out of touch with nature. Integrating these aspects for children in a natural setting can have positive results, both in terms of offering a more liberating and imaginative setting and including educational elements of science and nature.

TCV's 'Integrating Drama & Performance with Nature' workshop on 24 October, in Stirling is designed to give you the tools to plan outdoor sessions with groups and provide tips on how to integrate nature into lesson plans. Feel confident in identifying aspects of the outdoors, to be able to incorporate native wildlife, trees and flowers into acting based activities.

Throughout the workshop there will be a chance to try out various warm-up activities, concentration games, imagination exercises, storytelling and character work, plus access to various resources in nature identification, citizen science, theatre and literature which can form part of a lesson programme. Also covered will be issues such as public speaking, shyness, confidence building and anxiety issues in young people, with the outdoors being an ideal setting to work towards overcoming some of these challenges.

The workshop will include an indoor introduction and discussion followed by a longer practical session outdoors. Further details and booking are available here