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Cumnock Academy

Pupils at schools in East Ayrshire have been hard at work becoming green-fingered gurus, thanks to a ‘Green Gym’ project, run by TCV.

Green Gyms are active, outdoor sessions offering hands-on learning and guidance in practical activities such as planting trees, sowing wildflower meadows and growing vegetables. For six months, East Ayrshire Council’s Learning Outdoors Support Team partnered with TCV to support eight schools in the area to develop Green Gyms with pupils – and a lot of fun learning took place!

The Green Gyms now offer hundreds of pupils (and teachers) a unique opportunity to improve the greenspaces within their schools, develop new habitats for wildlife and support the health and wellbeing of the pupils. As the greenspaces become established, they also become available for use by the wider school community.

Some of the pupils from the Cumnock Academy Green Gym are pictured here at their recent garden party during which they gave guided tours to invited guests to show what they had achieved.