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Joint Brief on Citizen Science in Scotland Launched

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Scottish Natural Heritage's Sharing Good practice event on Citizen Science: Volunteer Engagement in Environmental Monitoring May 8th was welcomed by participants, many of whom stayed long beyond the close to continue conversations sparked by the workshops and presentations. The event saw the launch of a joint brief on Citizen Science in Scotland, prepared by The Conservation Volunteers, SEPA, SNH, Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Government and Scotland's Environment Web. A new guide to Choosing and Using Citizen Science prepared by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for SEPA was also launched during the event.

The event was attended by TCV staff and Natural Communities Trainees based with Buglife, BTO and Clyde River Foundation. We were pleased to hear our Scotland Counts and Natural Talent programmes pop up during presentations throughout the day and reference to recent research work we have carried out on the impact of Citizen Science on attitudes and behaviour and urban air quality. Our Community Scientist, Amy Styles, represented TCV and the OPAL project at a very busy stall.

Click here to read the Joint public briefing on Citizen Science in Scotland.