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The Friends of Fleming Park

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The Friends of Fleming Park project was delivered by TCV between Autumn 2013 and Autumn 2015.

Its aim was to carry out improvements to Fleming Park in Eastleigh, Hampshire.  Included in this work was the development of a new, local community group, the Friends of Fleming Park.  Once the project was concluded, this group of local people was successfully able to take over the ongoing programme of conservation work on the site from TCV.  It now runs monthly, conservation volunteering activities and is always welcoming of new people to join in with its activities.

Fleming Park is a lovely open space in the heart of Eastleigh, on the site of an old golf course. Many improvements were made there to encourage people to explore and enjoy it, as well as boost its wildlife value.  A way-marked walking trail was established and the existing paths made more accessible.  Seats, benches, litter bins and interpretation boards were installed.  Native trees were planted and invasive species, such as laurel and Himalayan balsam, removed.

TCV would like to record its admiration and thanks to the 88 local people who took part in this project, including those who continue to volunteer with the Friends of Fleming Park, plus anyone who joins the group for the first time in the future.  People like this, who personally take on the responsibility of helping to look after their local greenspaces and running the local groups that enable others to do so, are the essence of the conservation volunteering movement.

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Further Information

To join the Friends of Fleming Park or to find out more about its activities, contact:


Funders and Partners

This project would not have been possible without support and encouragement from the following:

BBC Radio Solent Community Chest
Eastleigh Borough Council
The Ford Britain Trust
Hampshire County Council
The National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund
The Veolia Environmental Trust

The Conservation Volunteers would like to thank everyone from these organisations who we had the good fortune to work with in developing and delivering this project.