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Every Green Gym provides conservation volunteering opportunities, where the focus is on the physical health and general well-being of those taking part.  Most Green Gym sessions last from three to four hours.  The very first Green Gym was set up by TCV in Oxfordshire, in 1998, but there are now around 95 in the UK and five locally:

Bristol:  Eastville Park and Northerm Slopes (2)

Gloucestershire:  The Moors (Cheltenham), Tewksbury Road (Cheltenham) and Cirencester (3)

Please note that although TCV developed these Green Gyms originally, many are now independently run by local people in the areas where they're based.  To find out more about any of them, please contact their coordinators directly.  Details for all these Green Gyms

Further Information

To learn all about the Green Gym and what makes it special, please visit The Green Gym.

If you would like to know how to go about setting up a new Green Gym, or running one as part of an existing group or organisation, please visit Starting a Green Gym, or contact us:

The Conservation Volunteers
4th Floor
Charles Darwin House 2
107 Grays Inn Road

020 3794 8024