Urban Ecology Sites

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Dulwich Upper Wood

Dulwich Upper Wood is a nature reserve, educational facility, research area and a place of recreation, with grant aid from the London Borough of Southwark. The wood is open at all times and has a full time warden and interpretative portakabin situated on the site.

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

The Peninsula area became heavily industrialised from the late 1880s onwards. English Partnerships bought the land in 1997 and set in place a massive regeneration project, which included the creation of the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park as a freshwater habitat.

Lavender Pond Nature Park

Lavender Pond Nature Park was created in 1981 with the aim of providing a haven for wildlife, an amenity for local residents and an educational resource

Stave Hill Ecological Park

Stave Hill Ecological Park is managed by TCV Urban Ecology as a nature reserve, educational facility, research area and place of recreation. The Park has been designed and managed to form a mosaic of grassland, woodland, scrub and wetland habitats which support a wide variety of wildlife.