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Why Support The Conservation Volunteers?

A newly planted hedgeThere's a wide world of noble causes out there and while many charities talk about difference. The Conservation Volunteers are different.

We are out in all weathers building ditches, digging trenches and clearing scrubland; encouraging, supporting and leading change through environmental renewal in neighbourhoods throughout the country.

TCV specialise in a range of activities ranging from re-generation programmes, creating community gardens and Green Gyms to educational and skills-based training; all of which have been demonstrated to improve well-being, mental health and future prospects for those most in need.

Keith's story - an example of how we make a difference

KeithKeith, 59, worked for the Post Office before ill-health forced him into retirement.

He suffered heavily from depression as a result, having little confidence and motivation in his day to day life. It was a chance encounter with The Conservation Volunteers that gave Keith the confidence he needed to change the course of his life for the better.

He now works as a Green Gym Project Leader for The Conservation Volunteers, as well as helping to run several other community conservation groups.

Read more about Keith's story here…

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