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Every day, across the UK, TCV is working to create healthier and happier communities for everyone – with a range of activities that have a lasting impact on people’s health, prospects and outdoor places.

We help so many different people, one such person was John. He was so thankful of the impact that TCV made to his life that he asked us to share his story. He wanted to raise awareness of the important work undertaken by TCV and its people in communities across the UK so that others can benefit in the same way.

As a charity we rely upon our supporters to help fund our vital work in communities across the country. Every donation, no matter how large or small makes a huge difference to people like John.


Names have been changed to protect the writer’s identity.

 In 2013 I was sectioned and diagnosed with a number of mental health conditions including schizophrenia and bouts of depression. 

I found myself plagued by people and sounds that were not there and ever changing motivations to end my own life, some days harder to stifle than others. As I was unemployed the free time was hardly helpful to my mental health. 

I was referred to TCV as a form of occupational therapy. At first I was sceptical and maybe even a little nervous as my social anxiety at this stage was at its peak. 

One year later, I completed every short course they run and made several new friends that I still have to this day. My most valued moments were the woodland experience course and being part of the regular Green Gym group. 

There are several individuals at TCV who had a particular impact upon my life - to the degree that the thought of never seeing them again prevented another suicide attempt. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

The first is Sue; who ran the Green Gym. Her patience with me and emotional support were unsurpassed. Whenever I think back to my time with TCV, she will forever be a permanent memory for me.

The second is Clare; who once helped me during a psychotic episode. She has always been there for me, and promises she always will be. I do not doubt her.

The third is Paul; who taught me to love and respect nature, and who has, on more than one occasion, gone out of his way to offer me additional training where perhaps I wasn’t deserving of such attention. 

Finally, but by no means least, Mark; who manages TCV locally, always made time to talk to me and ask and see how I was doing whenever we crossed paths. I cannot begin to imagine how busy he is but he found the time and I can’t thank him enough.

It is because of these people that I am alive today. They deserve to be recognised for what they’ve done. 

They’ve made sure my four year old son still has a Daddy.

  • £10 a day - Ingredients for a regular meal for 20 people
  • £125 per person - One key course to train TCV people like Sue and Paul
  • £200 per session - Salaries for TCV people like Sue, Clare and Paul
  • £250 annually - Supplies for a small outdoor space, such as plants and seeds
  • £1,250 - Basic tools to start a new project
  • £1,500 - Woodland Experience Course, training 8 people over 4 days
  • £6,000 - Van to take people and kit to a site
  • £25,000 - Green Gym, supporting 50 people annually

Text Giving - to donate £10 by SMS, text TCV to 70444