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Sharing the knowledge and skills needed to protect the natural environment

TCV recognises that each community and the people living there have different needs. Through volunteering, TCV has helped people from across the UK in making a positive step for a healthier and happier future.

Help us support the next generation of conservation heroes

Whether it’s improving their wellbeing, conserving a well-loved outdoor space or bringing people together to promote social cohesion, combat loneliness or enhance employment prospects, TCV works together with people and communities to deliver solutions to the real-life challenges they face.

It’s the stories of these people and how their lives have changed which continues to be at the heart of what we do, and at the heart of why we need your support.

The next generation of conservation heroes is key in understanding the practical role they can play in building a brighter and more environmentally friendly future for all. By supporting our work, we are helping them to care about nature, sharing the knowledge and skills needed to protect the natural environment.

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Hear from one of our many volunteers

In his own words, this is Grant’s story

With tears strolling down my face, in the same clothes that I had been wearing for more days than I could remember, I was alone lying on the sofa surrounded by unwashed clothes, empty bottles, half-eaten pizzas, and the blinds drawn. I hear a loud drilling… and then the door falls open and there’s my dad.

My dad rescued me, I moved into his house with my step-mum and step-sis. “Here I am, just turned 30 and back living with my folks, you failure” but I’m not a failure and I’m not a coward, I know this now.

Great… anxiety and depression, how did I fall into this socially typical umbrella of today? I was born in the 80s grew up in the 90s, I know I’m better than this.

But it’s not about being better, it’s about learning and dealing with it. I’m not that different to a lot of adults my age. In fact, the more people I talk to, the more I realise my story isn’t different. It’s the norm to a lot of people out there. It’s not just me.

As time went on, my social worker suggested a walking group that went out every Thursday, Wild Ways Well. “Nothing to lose,” I thought, I’d been doing well. So, I went and met Paul and Claire from The Conservation Volunteers. I was dreading it. I barely spoke a word but I began to realise that nature was helping.

I loved the peace and tranquillity it gave me, and I realised that Cumbernauld is so much more than a housing estate and a town centre. I began going out myself looking for signs of nature, finding deer beds, badger setts, squirrel feeding stations, animal trails, even bugs in deadwood! Gradually I wanted to do more.

Nature was helping me, maybe I should try to return the favour? So, I asked Paul if they needed any help with the volunteer groups, to which the reply was “Ever heard of a Volunteer Officer?”

As I sit here writing my story, it’s quite tough looking back.

But what’s important is that I am coming to TCV 3-4 days a week and learning more about nature than I ever imagined. I mean, if someone told me last year that I would be getting excited about pine marten scat, I would have laughed at them!

TCV has helped me get back into life, a normal sleeping pattern, something to get up for, people to talk to, eating on a regular basis, things that I haven’t been able to do for a few years.

I wanted Amy to be able to share my story to not only ask you to donate, but in case you may know someone who could use TCV’s support.

We are extremely grateful to Grant for sharing his story

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The above examples demonstrate our commitment to support young people from that first engagement with nature to a career in the environment sector. We want to be able to do more training and inspiring and we can only do this with your help.

We would love to be your chosen charity and help us to help more people like Grant that would be a great Christmas gift to us.

On behalf of us all at TCV we wanted to thank you for the ongoing support you have given throughout our 60 years and we very much look forward to doing more of what we do best in 2020.