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TCV is needed now more than ever

Donate today and help support our volunteers

During lockdown green spaces provided a welcome relief for many, a sense of calm and escapism, a space to connect with the outside and natural world, and for some a sense of discovery as we spent more time within our local areas.

However, for many volunteers, they have missed the physical activity of caring for and protecting their local green spaces and socialising with others whilst isolating at home.

With new safety measures and new ways of volunteering, your support is needed now more than ever.

We need your help, so you can help people like Pat. She needs to get back to volunteering, back to her lifeline at TCV. If you can, please donate today.

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Pat's story

‘I live on my own and it’s been a really hard struggle. Because of where I live, I couldn’t leave the house for a month.

I just felt miserable like life just wasn’t worth it. For me to get to any green space is over 30-minute walk travelling near Blackwall Tunnel, one of the most air polluted roads, in a very dull part of the East End of London. What was the point if all I had to do was to sit and listen to the traffic, builders on a tower block and breathe in the dust and pollution?

I’ve lost muscle and I have a bad cough, and everything looked pointless and bleak. When we were allowed more time to exercise, I was able to walk but got blisters on my feet because of lack of physical activity. I had a job at a city farm which I’ve now lost. I just felt what was the point, I was desperate to talk to people and be in a green space.

I have missed the TCV Greenwich Ecology Park like you wouldn’t believe.

TCV is the main focus of my life, it brings me so much joy and honestly, all I have is TCV, which is a lifeline to me.

TCV is the main focus of my life, it brings me so much joy and honestly, all I have is TCV, which is a lifeline to me.

Pat, TCV volunteer

You can make a difference

It is vital that we support our volunteers and staff to be able to return to conserving green spaces and helping nature to thrive, just as nature enabled us to thrive in the most unprecedented of times.

Please if you can, make a donation today, you are helping many people like Pat to reconnect to help both local green spaces and themselves thrive again.

I want to donate and help volunteers