People working in a garden on a Green Gym

How Green Gym Works

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On arrival you will be taken through a series of warm up exercises to reduce the risk of injuries. The leader will remind you how to use the tools safely and discuss the task ahead.

There will be different jobs and tools to try out. Everyone works at their own pace and is free to stop and start whenever they want. All groups have a relaxed atmosphere and there's plenty of time for chatting!

The great thing about Green Gym is instead of staring at four walls in a gym you get out in the open air. You will learn about environmental conservation and ways to improve your local surroundings.

Tea break is very important! Refreshments will usually be provided - some groups are experts at bringing along home made cakes as well!

Sessions generally last half a day. Most groups are run on a week day or weekend morning although please check with the Green Gym leader for variations. Sessions end with 'cool down' exercises and a general tidy up.

The Conservation Volunteers recognises that the best way to keep a Green Gym running into the future is for the local volunteers to eventually take over management of their group. If you are interested take a look at starting a Green Gym.