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Volunteers are at our core.

We undertake a range of activities in both urban and rural areas, from planting trees and wild flower meadows, to building stiles, clearing footpaths or creating new food growing projects.

But some things are constant, how good it feels to be part of a team making a real difference to a valued outdoor place and our promise that every day you will learn new skills, meet new people and make a difference!

On my first ever day with TCV, I realized that I had stumbled across a group that was going to provide me with an ongoing and amazing experience each and every week.

- Eve

What to expect – a warm welcome but that's just the start

A warm welcome – We are delighted when people join our team and a warm welcome is given to all volunteers whether new to TCV or returning friends. There are always new activities to get involved in, interesting skills to learn and likeminded people to meet.

Easy to join us – TCV has projects across the UK and offer a range of activities suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. We make it easy to volunteer with us and you can join in with our activities as little or as often as you wish.

Keeping you safe and equipped – we are committed to keeping you safe while you work with us. You will be supported by a fully trained leader, receive safety briefings and the tools and protective clothing needed to do the job.

It’s fun, the people are great and I get good exercise, fresh air and learn a lot. It gives me a sense of achievement and pride.


Volunteering – the benefits to you

Volunteering with TCV offers everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and make a difference to their community and it also offers real benefits to your health and wellbeing too.

Our volunteering activities have been shown to improve your fitness and enhance mental wellbeing by combining outdoor exercise, increased contact with nature and the social benefits of group activity.

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I volunteer with TCV because it just seemed such a brilliant idea: get fit; be sociable; do good for the countryside; learn new skills; have fun – all in one.

- Jennifer

At TCV we love to help people realise their potential. For some that might be getting the most out of one volunteering session and for others it could be the start of a career in community conservation work. And there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to grow with TCV. Many of our project leaders started as volunteers but uncovered a passion for our work that has become part of their life and career.

TCV are here to support you no matter how long or short your journey with us.

We rely on an army of passionate volunteers; young and old, to carry out our vital conservation work all year round – in sunshine, wind and rain! If you’d like to join us in wheeling a barrow, planting a sapling or simply handing out the warming cuppas, we’d love you to join us!

It’s not just great fun, it’s a great way to keep fit too. And most importantly it’s a fantastic way to make a really positive impact on your local community.

I generally feel like a better person for being here, working out in the fresh air. It’s done wonders for my confidence and given me ideas about what I’d possibly like to do in the future. Thank you all so much for everything.


Tempted to join in? Just fill in your postcode or use our interactive map to find a TCV activity near you.

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TCV also provides Corporate Volunteering Days to help organisations and their employees to achieve increased social, economic and environmental benefit.

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