David Attenborough with TCV staff and volunteers

Our impact

TCV connects people and green spaces to deliver lasting outcomes for both

In 2020

I take three buses to be able to join the group I love it so much. The community spirit, the ability to get together with friends and be in nature makes it more than worth the trip.

Communities case study

Having a brain tumour has left me very isolated, so joining TCV has greatly helped my mental health as I’ve made new friends. Getting outdoors has made me appreciate the wonder of nature and I feel very comfortable and happy when I’m there.

Health & Wellbeing case study

Thanks to the team of excellent TCV Project Officers, I’ve also learnt so much more about the local urban environment, and the need to enhance the diversity in the green spaces around the London Borough of Camden both in public and community places.

Environment case study

I’ve been with TCV for over 2 years and in that time, I have been given the opportunity to learn skills, I have been given the opportunity to teach others the skills that I now have, and the confidence to know that I am somebody.

Learning & Skills case study

Just some of our achievements

We’ve planted nearly 1.5 million trees in the last six years

In the last year alone, we’ve created and improved over 304km of footpath – more than enough for a footpath from our head office in Doncaster down to London

In 2020 we supported 1,484 community groups to protect and improve their own community green spaces