Environmental and social impacts

The wide-reaching positive impacts of our volunteers, including TCV's estimated natural and social value.

TCV's monetised impacts

TCV's physical outcomes

Natural outcomes are in green and social outcomes in orange. Figures are from the year 2022/23

TCV's environmental outputs

Figures are from the year 2022/23

How we understand our impact

In 2023, TCV worked with external sustainability consultants to better understand the positive impact of our volunteers. The environmental outputs, such as number of trees planted and bags of litter removed, were recorded throughout the year.

Relevant natural and social outcomes, such as carbon sequestration and enhanced well-being from recreational visits to nature, and the associated physical and monetised metrics were considered for each of TCV’s outputs.

Overall, this resulted in £128.5m cumulative 30-year monetised benefits, producing a return on investment of 14.5, based on 2022’s annual expenditure, for every pound spent at TCV.

The outputs from the report cover any activity where there is a measurable environmental output. TCV volunteers also have an extensive impact on tasks involved with education, skills-building, food growing, and infrastructure building that isn’t counted here. Therefore the overall picture of TCV’s volunteer numbers and impact can be found in the latest annual report.

Turn your £1 into £14.50 worth of environmental and social impacts! By supporting us, you can help increase the impact of our volunteers and make TCV’s environmental outputs even bigger.

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