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Volunteering for TCV if You Have an Offending History

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TCV welcomes applications from a wide range of candidates, including those with a history of offending.

For people with convictions undertaking voluntary work can have particular benefits. Volunteering can:

  • Bring you into contact with new people and potentially new friends, at a time when perhaps past social contacts have been disrupted.
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem, when perhaps these have taken a knock.
  • Help provide a stable pattern and routine in your life.
  • Help develop new skills, knowledge and experience – both social and practical.
  • Provide the satisfaction of working as part of a team to make a difference to the environment.
  • Be useful experience to include in a CV that might be attractive to a potential employer.

Volunteering for TCV can provide these outcomes for all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential.

However TCV needs to be confident that it can ensure the safety and security of its service users and volunteers. This is particularly important for those who are vulnerable as a result of their age or other factors. The priority for TCV is the safety of all volunteers and participants and as a result there are some people with particular unspent convictions who TCV cannot offer volunteering opportunities.

In order to ensure the safety and welfare of volunteers and participants all prospective TCV volunteers will be asked to complete a declaration confirming they have no unspent convictions for sexual or violent offences before they will be allowed to volunteer for TCV. 

TCV is unable to provide volunteering opportunities to individuals with unspent convictions for sexual or violent offences because of the risk this poses to the vulnerable volunteers and participants who take part in TCV activities.

For more information on unspent convictions or if you are unsure about what makes a conviction spent or unspent see the website below:

For further advice on volunteering when you have a history of offending see the websites listed below.


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